Broad + Liberty launches Philadelphia’s independent Homicide Tracker

As Broad + Liberty’s public safety columnist, Mannes & Associates’ founder, A. Benjamin Mannes broke exclusive stories in 2021 and 2022 that called the accuracy of the Philadelphia Police Department’s publically reported homicide statistics into question. As a result of the public scrutiny surrounding this issue, Broad + Liberty launched the region’s first independent homicide tracker that includes a mapping tool to to expose and correct flaws to the city’s federally-required reporting process and to help give a voice to concerned citizens, victims, and survivors throughout the city. Mannes and Broad + Liberty investigative editor Todd Shepherd are managing the project with help from a citywide group of confidential sources.

In the first month of it’s launch, the tracker recorded anywhere from two to five more homicides more than the police department, and may serve as a needed check and balance to a politicized criminal justice community in the nation’s sixth largest city.

This project is just another example of the depth and value presented by Mannes & Associates’ breadth of experience. If we can help bring transparency to the City of Brotherly Love, what can we do to help you?