Our Approach

Mannes & Associates is your one-stop shop for assessing and addressing the changing risk landscape facing corporate, nonprofit, and public sector organizations worldwide.

Every organization has risks.

These risks can be operational, regulatory, or presented by a crisis or security vulnerability. To appropriately assess, manage and mitigate these risks – proactive organizations normally employ full time Compliance Officers, Security & Safety Directors and Risk Managers. However, the costs of filling these roles with $100k-plus a year professionals to oversee planning, management and mitigation can be burdensome for many organizations.

That’s where Mannes & Associates comes in.

Mannes & Associates; the first multidisciplinary consulting firm of it’s kind – specializing in effective planning, policy development, risk management, and mitigation of physical & intellectual security and fraud risks, regulatory compliance, business continuity / emergency management and investigative advisory services to a diverse clientele.

We help our clients throughout the nation plan for, prevent, detect and mitigate risks faced by their organizations; with expert experience in:

  • Operational Risk Management,
  • Public Safety & Security,
  • Intellectual & Physical Asset Protection,
  • Loss Control & Prevention,
  • Investigations & Ethics Inspections,
  • Compliance Program Development & Leadership,
  • Business Continuity & Emergency Management Planning,
  • Crisis Mitigation & Communications
  • Criminal Justice (administration & reform),
  • Organizational & industrial safety (EHS),
  • Due diligence, and
  • Education safety & test security.

Unlike firms who offer consulting services as a means to sell services, Mannes & Associates offers objective assessment on risk management plans, to inform clients on their threats and liability exposure to make them more educated consumers when seeking service providers, saving them revenue best spent on their human capital & operations.

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