Outsourced Safety & Security Planning

There is currently a multi-million dollar industry in providing physical and cyber security, safety and emergency solutions worldwide.  The problem is, most organizations go to the same companies offering these services and technologies for solutions without their company's plan or risk assessment in place first.

We can give you the power of having a Compliance Officer, Risk Manager and Chief Safety and Security Officer, for a fraction of the budget.

Let us help you compose risk assessments and tailor plans for your organization's operations - and help you manage them - so you can make educated and economical decisions on what types of solutions are needed to make your organization safe and secure.

Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

Most organizations have a tendency to assess risks and compliance needs in the specific niche of their industry. This leads to blind spots in operational risk management when it comes to brand protection, fraud prevention, and compliance with general regulations outside those the company compliance officer is aware of.

With expertise in the Healthcare, Financial Services/Banking, Education, Transportation, Hospitality, and Contract Services sectors, Mannes & Associates can address your compliance risks at a fraction of hiring a separate Compliance Officer and Operational Risk Manager for each facet of your business. Mannes & Associates can help improve your risk awareness and regulatory compliance to bolster your organization's strong corporate governance. By outsourcing your Operational and Compliance risk awareness functions, your company can better know the threats posed to your financial or reputational standing - which can come from changing laws, regulations, codes of conduct, or industry practices.

Business Continuity & Duty-of-Care Consulting

We provide expertise from the information technology, transportation, facility management sectors to offer seamless business continuity and standard-of-care consulting, planning & training for a variety of organizations. We offer a unique approach to the continuity of your operations and safe management and of physical and virtual workplaces which assesses procedural and capital improvement solutions into an end-to-end EHS (safety) and business continuity/emergency management plan that can be implemented before business-crippling incidents and costly litigation occurs.

As expert witnesses and  subject matter experts, Mannes & Associates works to establish best practices and aid you in assuring that your workplace meets the appropriate standard of care needed.

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Expertise when you need it most

Mannes has worked with a clientele of public, private and nonprofit organizations in a planning capacity. While many organizations run out to buy the newest and greatest technologies and services for security and public safety; they often do so without the careful planning in place to know exactly what they may need. Mannes works with clients to build, refine their risk management, compliance, security, investigative & emergency preparedness plans to assure that liability is mitigated - so they're ready to address issues in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Creative technical advisor services

Having an upbringing in the arts, A. Benjamin Mannes has always had insight into the creative process.  Over the years, he was worked with writers, producers, actors and creative professionals as a technical advisor/consulting producer.  By collaborating with us, storytellers can tap into decades of global experience with law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies to make your creative vision real and plausible. Services range from collaboration on writing, direction and production to working with actors, prop-masters, stunt coordinators, costume designers and location scouts.

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