Public Safety & Security Consulting

There is currently a multi-million dollar industry in providing physical and cyber security, safety and emergency technologies and services worldwide.  The problem is, most organizations go to the same companies offering these services and technologies to provide the assessments needed to make an educated decision on what their vulnerabilities are. There is a more efficient and effective solution tailored to your needs so that you can take the overall responsibility for the protection of your own assets.

Mannes is affiliated with established industry experts in both physical & cyber security, forensic profilers, liability mitigation, public integrity, and management consulting with active membership in bench-marking organizations and has the current certifications necessary to conduct threat assessment and vulnerability assessments of your organization, staff, facilities, and operations necessary to make an educated and economical decision on what types of services and/or technologies are needed to make your organization safe and secure. These types of assessments are vital to the integrity and health of your organization.

OPSEC, Education Safety & Test Security

It is just as important to protect intellectual assets as well as physical ones. This is why Mannes & Associates offers a full suite of assessment, planning and training services to help clients improve their Operational Security (OPSEC) and intellectual property. In addition, as test items are considered trade secrets; Mannes & Associates has developed a unique cadre of expertise centered around educational asset protection, exam integrity and regulatory compliance

Starting with its founder's 2008 appointment to the Director, Test Security (Office of Investigations) role with the continent's largest medical board and organizational threat assessment & emergency planning contract with St. Augustine's School & Cathedral (DC's oldest African-American catholic church & school complex), Mannes & Associates have provided threat assessment, security and emergency management planning & training services to P-12 school districts, colleges and state education departments. With incidents in America's schools on the rise, it helps to have a proven expert in your corner.

In test security, Mannes is nationally-recognized for forging best practices and has partnered with Paradigm Testing to offer a full suite of end-to-end solutions for test sponsors in the education, licensure, certification and admissions sectors. Whether you are seeking in-person or online testing platforms, planning and consulting, or looking to evaluate your exam’s security, validity and integrity; this strategic partnership allows for expertise and cutting edge solutions in your assessment operations and exam integrity needs.

Facilities & Venue Security Consulting

Mannes & Associates has partnered with leaders from the public venue management sector to offer seamless security consulting, planning & training for commercial facilities and event venues. We offer a unique approach to the management and security of facilities and venues, to include incorporation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) into capital improvement projects, regulatory compliance, and the importance of contingency/security and emergency management planning before incidents occur and policy and/or technology improvements to existing operations.

As a subject matter experts, Mannes & Associates works to establish best practices and aid organizations in their efforts to secure their personnel, physical & intellectual assets.  We custom-develop and administer specialized assessment, planning and training services for individuals and organizations to assure the integrity and safety of your work, play and living spaces.

Expertise when you need it most

Mannes has worked with a clientele of public, private and nonprofit organizations in a planning capacity. While many organizations run out to buy the newest and greatest technologies and services for security and public safety; they often do so without the careful planning in place to know exactly what they may need. Mannes works with clients to build, refine and test security, investigative and emergency preparedness plans to assure they liability is mitigated and organizations are ready to address issues in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Creative technical advisor services

Having an upbringing in the arts with parents Michael L. Mannes and Valerie Mamches, A. Benjamin Mannes has always had insight into the creative process.  Over the years, he was worked with writers, screenwriters, producers, actors and other creative professionals as a technical advisor/consulting producer.  In collaborating with Mannes, one can tap into years of experience across the country and world, and tap into a myriad of contacts from generations of federal, state, and local law enforcement and security to make your creative vision feel real and plausible; and meet the scrutiny of the most picky fans.  These services range from collaboration on writing, direction and production to working with actors, prop-masters, stunt coordinators, costume designers and location scouts.

He has worked on television shows for ABC and the CW and recently appeared on a docu-drama for the History Channel.

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